Nik Beeson

be-(g)-in bein(g)

be-(g)-in  bein(g) be-(g)-in -> be – in -> be – in (g) ************start of score be -gin [the hard ‘g’ is distinctly present] be (g) in [it becomes gradually less prominent and fades away] be in (g) [The ringing of the ‘ng’ gradually appears becoming dominant until we have…] be-ing [retrograde the process; and repeat …

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Holding Breath/Under Ice

Under ice.Iced.Translucent. Barrier.Frozen out. Disconnect.Houdini. Holding breath.Oxygen.Trance.Distance. Record holding deep diver, Alexey Molchanov, beneath a sheet of ice. Freediving, Alexey Molchanov The Disappearance of the World’s Greatest-free-diver